Design skills:

Character Design95%
Environment Design91%
Mech Design30%
Vector Art80%
Pixel Art50%
Manga / Anime60%


  • Designing characters for several game and story projects,
  • Designing environment for story projects,
  • Creating storyboards for animated short film,
  • 2D animation projects (animated short films),
  • Making illustrations in various styles,
  • Designing various assets for game industry.

What's so good about me?

My skills allow me to adapt to most of art styles desired by the customer/employer. I am able to create artwork in realistic, semi-realistic, comic or manga style. As well I am able to work on many subject matters including: concept art, illustrations, animations, storyboards etc. Creating stuff has always been my passion and I want to keep constantly improving and developing my skills.

Animated Short Film (Animatic) project that included:

  • writing professional screenplay,
  • designing art style,
  • creating concept arts for characters, cars and environments,
  • creating complex storyboards,
  • using traditional and computer techniques for making animation,
  • post-production, montage, sound mixing.